Inventory and Check in Report

A combined detailed Inventory and check in report which documents the condition, contents and cleanliness of the property at the start of a tenancy. A comprehensive report with a simplistic layout including  clear digital date stamped photos and Utility meter readings.

Check in Report

The original inventory is updated with any changes and you are presented with a fresh complete Inventory and check in report. This is applicable to properties that have already had an Inventory and check in report by Urban Dwell.

Check out Report

A detailed report is produced following an inspection at the end of a tenancy to document any changes that have occurred during the tenancy. The original Inventory check in report is used as a reference  to identify and list any damage, wear and tear of maintenance issues that are found. Cleanliness is assessed and digital date stamped photos are included. Utility meter readings and any returned keys are recorded.

Mid term Inspection Report

A report that is carried out during a tenancy and presented in the format of a check out report. This is for the landlord to see that the property is being well maintained and any issues are documented. Ideal for long tenancies.

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